Expert Instruction

Expert Instruction

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Expert Instruction
  • Social Media P. 1

    Marché and special guest Candace Hudson delve into the demographics of Facebook and LinkedIn and how to use them to market a brand.

  • Social Media P. 2

    Marché and Candace discuss Twitter and Instagram and teach viewers how to successfully integrate them into their marketing strategy.

  • Content is King

    Marché discusses the importance of quality (professional) photography vs amateur photography.

  • Funding Options to Start and Grow Your Business

    There are numerous funding options available for small businesses, but which one is right for yours? Attend this insightful webinar, presented by Yusef Muhammad and Erich Fruchtnicht, for a discussion of the different options available to help you get the funding you need. Topics of discussion in...

  • InnoSTARS Pitch Event

    There is a strong interest between companies and investors on either side of the Pacific to engage in business with each other and in turn bring innovative products and services to the market. However, limited information on consumer demand and market opportunities, fragmented investment resource...

  • EXIM Small Business